1. Lizards learn socially!

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  2. Our Highly Cited Researchers

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  3. Early births lower survival rates of elephant seal mothers

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Upcoming Events

  1. 30 Jul 2014

    BIOSEMINAR: No seminar G2G)

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  2. 31 Jul 2014

    E8A Teaching Lab Induction

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  3. 05 Aug 2014

    New Event

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About Us

We are a department of integrative Biology. Our department integrates research and teaching across all levels of biological organisation as well as across a diversity of taxa. Our work links structure with function and processes that influence the evolution and ecology of organisms, using models ranging from microbes through to fungi, plants and animals. We offer comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate education in the full range of biological disciplines: from molecules to ecosystems and the biosphere.

We are a leading department in a major research university and believe that excellence in teaching comes from excellence in research. Our research active staff engage students in their fascination of biology. We strongly believe in having fun and enjoying our work. Regular social activities reinforce our community and the contact to students.