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Fourteen glasshouses are located on a second-floor single slab 70m x 35m. The glasshouses vary from 27m2 to 55m2. Eleven are evaporatively air-cooled and centrally heated to achieve tight temperature control that is monitored remotely. Temperature (all chambers), light and carbon dioxide concentrations (in research chambers) are logged continuously to generate Excel files. The Glasshouses are loosely configured as teaching and research facilities but can be adapted with moveable mesh benches to accommodate various purposes.

Carbon dioxide enrichment glasshouse facility

Carbon dioxide enrichment - two reverse cycle, air-conditioned glasshouses are supplied remotely with carbon dioxide from bulk cylinders, enabling experiments on climate change.

PC2 glasshouse facility

An airconditioned, sealed glasshouse is available for containment purposes. This has certification for use with transformed plants.

exterior of glasshouses CO2 equipment

PC2 glasshouse facility PC2