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Department of Biological Sciences




A/Prof. Culum Brown


I am primarily interested in fish biology with an emphasis on behavioural ecology. I frequently look to apply my research to fisheries or conservation management, including life-skills training for hatchery-reared fishes. Broadly speaking I'm interested in comparative cognition with interests in learning and memory, cerebral lateralization and personality. I have a particular fascination for Australian native fish. I'm Editor of "Fish Cognition and Behaviour" published in 2006 & 20011 by Blackwell Scientific, Assistant Editor of "The Journal of Fish Biology" .   Visit Culum's web-page for more details and google scholar and Research Gate for a list of publications.


Melanotaenia trifasciata (banded rainbowfish)






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Current Lab Members:
Dr Amina Zuberi: Hormone analysis in fishes
David Wells: Brush turkey mate choice
Joanna Wiszniewski: Social networks in dolphins
Anne-Laurance Bibost: Laterality in rainbowfish
Anne-Katrin Link: Effect of storm surges on coastal fish communities
Andrew Bruce: Macquarie perch behavioural ecology
Eduardo Gallo: Bird communities on the Central Coast of NSW
Erin Kydd: Reintroduction of hatchery reared fishes
Gemma White: Spatial learning in intertidal gobies
Vincent Roult: Social learning mullaway
Heather Baldwin: Relatedness and social behaviour in Grey Headed Flying Foxes
Jennie Morgan: Interactions between introduced redfin and Macquarie perch
Suzzi Artiss: Brain and behaviour of Australian rainbowfish
Previous Lab Members:
Dr Kevin Woo: Cognition and behaviour of cuttlefish
Steph Snoyman: Micro-habitat choice in grey-headed flying fox
Diana Magat: Cerebral lateralization in Australian parrots
Krystle Keller: Effect of introduced fish on native fish
Steph Snoyman: Micro-habitat choice in grey-headed flying fox