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Department of Biological Sciences - Westoby Lab

Mark Westoby's comparative ecology lab

Mark Westoby, Australian Laureate Professor, leader of Genes to Geoscience Research Centre

Daniel Falster, postdoc.
Evolutionary models of trait diversity and vegetation structure.

Wade Tozer, postdoc and Coordinator of Genes to Geoscience Research Enrichment Program.

Rich FitzJohn, postdoc.
Macroevolution, competition, trait evolution

Andrea Stephens, postdoc.
Plant traits and herbivory.

James Camac, postdoc.
Trait gradients.

Elizabeth Wenk, postdoc.
Reproductive allocation, plant ecophysiology

Steve Van Sluyter, postdoc.
Proteomics, plant traits.

Tory Clarke, postdoc.
Plant molecular ecology

Karen Ross, postdoc.
Data management.

Anaïs Gibert, postdoc.
Trait ecology. 

Georges Kunstler, Marie Curie fellowship (Irstea France).
Traits, demography and competition.

Samantha Newton, research officer and coordinator of the Macquarie University Arboretum 


Steph Stuart, postdoc.
Evolution of woodiness.

Eliot Miller, PhD student collaborative with U Missouri at St Louis.