Eighth One-day Course on Current Ecology and Evolution

Sunday Dec 5th 2010, at Australian National University in Canberra

ABOUT: The 2010 Postgraduate Course on Current Ecology and Evolution will be held in the Haydon-Allen Lecture Theatre ("the Tank") at Australian National University in Canberra on Sunday Dec 5th 2010, the day before the main ESA2010 conference begins The course is designed for postgraduate research students or for people considering a research degree. It is supported by the Ecological Society of Australia and the Australasian Evolution Society.

PROGRAM: The day's program runs 9 am to 5 pm. It will include speakers about recent advances in many areas of ecology and evolution and about the nexus between science and politics. There will be focus groups for students to exchange views. Here is a link to the schedule for the day, as arranged so far. The schedule has links to web pages for the staff contributing, if they have them. A single day can hardly be a complete postgraduate education in ecology and evolution. But the idea is that if you attend 2-3 of these meetings during your PhD, you'll encounter a broader range of ideas compared to your training within a single research group.

REGISTRATION: Cost is $42, and covers lunch and morning and afternoon teas. Staff donate their time free. Please register and arrange accommodation via the web site for ESA2010. You can register for the postgraduate course without the conference, the conference without the postgraduate course, or both together.

VENUE: The Haydon-Allen Tank is building 23 in map-grid F3 of the ANU campus map. It is a short walk to the main conference venue at the Manning Clark Centre. 

YOUR CONTRIBUTION IN ADVANCE: Registrants are asked to nominate an interesting research paper and briefly explain why. We will email you with further explanation after you have registered.

last updated 3/08/2010