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Department of Biological Sciences - Westoby Lab


Group activities for Westoby lab

Our aim is to have an active, engaged and supportive lab. Lab activities include:

  • JOURNAL CLUB: Everyone has up to 3 minutes to give their opinion on the chosen article.
  • JOURNAL WATCH: each member is allocated a journal & keeps an eye out for items that may be of interest to other group members. Once a month we get together to share our findings. Please prepare 3 mins on your chosen article(s). List of journals & watchers: American naturalist (Daniel), Ecology (Andrea), eLife (Steve), Frontiers in Plant Science (Tory), Journal of Ecology (Wade),  Journal of Evolutionary Biology (Rich), Nature (Mark), New Phytologist (Anaïs)
  • RESEARCH DISCUSSION: A chance to discuss data, present research findings, workshop ideas, and receive seminars from visitors.
  • LAB UPDATE: a chance to: catch up on everyone's activities for the last month; plan activities for the coming month; discuss any challenges or exciting findings.


GOOGLE CALENDAR: This schedule is available as a google calendar. Click on the activity to see details (paper link). To access it, choose "Add by URL" in google calendar, using the following address:  



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