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Department of Biological Sciences - Westoby Lab

Previous denizens of the lab


Person In the lab After moving on from the lab
Sean Gleason Postdoc 2008-2014 Research plant physiologist, USDA-ARS, Fort Collins, CO, USA
Chris Blackman Postdoc 2012-2013 Postdoc Hawkesbury Institute environment
Yvonne Chang Resarch assistant 2012-2013 CSIRO crop research, Narrabri
Julieta Rosell Postdoc 2012-2013  
Kasia Zieminska PhD student 2009-2013  
Julia Cooke Postdoc 2012 Postdoc at UWS, casual academic at Macquarie.
Claire Laws Resarch assistant 2012  
Alicia Cook Resarch assistant 2012  
Pawel Waryszak Resarch assistant 2008-09, 2012 PhD student at Murdoch University 

Christina Birnbaum

Resarch assistant 2010-2012

Postdoc at Murdoch University

Tiina Tosens PhD student 2007-2011  
Peter Vermeulen Rubicon Foundation postdoc 2009-11  
Don Butler Postdoc 2009-10  
Marisa Nordenstahl PhD student 2007-11  
Rob Kooyman PhD student 2008-11  
Fiona Scarff Postdoc 2006-10 retired to Western Australia for health reasons, continues as Hon Associate at Macquarie University
Yusuke Onoda Veg Function Network postdoc 2006-9 Lecturer, Kyushu University, Japan
Lora Richards NSF international postdoc 2007-9 senior fellow in lab of Lee Dyer, U Nevada at Reno
Ian Wright Research assistant 1996-7, PhD 1998-2001, Postdoc 2001-7 Senior Lecturer in Ecology and Evolution CORE, Macquarie University (Future Fellow 2011-14)
Anna Richards  
Veg Function Network postdoc 2006-8
CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, Darwin
Ross Peacock 2006 Research Associate, Macquarie University
Tanja Lenz Postdoc 2005 Research Assistant, Macquarie University
Kate Hughes   PhD student in microbial biotech lab, Macquarie University
Liz Lindsay 2004 CSIRO
Huw Morgan    
David Warton 2003 Assoc Prof, UNSW Dept of Maths and Stats
Maree Abood    
Jessica Green   Professor at University of Oregon, Eugene
Melinda Pickup   CSIRO
Angela Moles   Assoc Prof and QE2 Fellow, UNSW Centre for Evolution
Jason Bragg 2002 CSIRO
Peter Vesk   Senior Lecturer, University of Melbourne
Peter Coppinger 2000  
Caroline Lehmann   Post-doc, Macquarie
Brad Murray 1999 Lecturer, UTS
Martin Henery    
David Duncan
Cassia Read    

1999 and earlier: Michelle Leishman, Lesley Hughes, Saul Cunningham, Carlos Fonseca, Gis Ganade, Paul McDonald, Adrienne Nicotra, Jake Overton, Will Edwards, Ian Watson, Janice Lord, Michael Dunlop, Lou Rodgerson, Ros Blanche


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