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Department of Biological Sciences

David Raftos, Associate Professor



Sham Nair, Research Manager & Senior Research Fellow

Proteomics and molecular biology


Saleem Aldelaide, PhD Candidate

The Sydney rock oyster immune system


Ulysse Bové, PhD Candidate

Effects of environmental stress on genes expression in sea urchin


Daniel Butt, PhD Candidate

QX disease in Sydney rock oyster


Nolwenn Dheilly, PhD Candidate

Hypervariable defense proteins in sea urchins


Alice Gleeson, MSc Candidate

The genetic control of fertilization in polychaete worms


Katie Newton, PhD Candidate

Ascidian ecology, biodiversity and population structure in NSW marine parks


Mathias Roth , PhD Candidate

Purpuratins, extremely variable defense proteins from sea urchins


Margaret Simioan, MSc Candidate

Patterns of genes expression in disease resistant oysters


Malcom Webster, BSc Honours Candidate

Bacterial clearance rates in sea urchin


George Wilson, PhD Candidate

New bioactive molecules from marine bacteria


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