Marine Predator Research Group

In the Marine Predator Research Group we have broad interests in the behaviour, ecology and conservation of animals which occupy higher trophic levels in marine food webs. Since formation at Macquarie in 1997 we have been conducting research on subjects as diverse as animal personality, animal communication, mating preferences, individual differences, sociality and population genetics through to more applied research on foraging ecology, animal movements, population dynamics, conservation physiology and anthropogenic interactions. We are a large lab with collaborators around Australia and across the world and always happy to talk with new enthusiasts.

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Current Members

Photo Name Position Email Location
Professor Rob Harcourt Professor Rob Harcourt Professor E8A 272
Dr. Kate Lee Dr. Kate Lee Post-doctoral Researcher E8A 385
Gemma Carroll Gemma Carroll PhD Candidate
Alex Schnell Alex Schnell PhD Candidate E8A 385
Marine Desprez Marine Desprez PhD Candidate E8A 385
Monique Ladds Monique Ladds PhD Candidate E8A 385
Paolo Momigliano Paolo Momigliano PhD Candidate
No profile image available Yuna Kim PhD Candidate E8A 370
Vanessa Pirotta Vanessa Pirotta PhD Candidate E8A 385
Lisa-Marie Harrison Lisa-Marie Harrison PhD Candidate
Ben Pitcher Dr. Ben Pitcher Senior Scientific Officer E8A173
Marcus Salton Marcus Salton PhD Candidate
Nicolette Armansin Nicolette Armansin Masters Candidate
K-Lynn Smith Dr. K-Lynn Smith Post-doctoral Researcher W21B 103
Dustin O'Hara Dustin O’Hara Masters Candidate E8A 385
Kaja Wierucka Kaja Wierucka PhD Candidate E8A 385



Photo Name Position Email Location
Dr. Clive McMahon Dr. Clive McMahon Honorary Associate
Dr. David Slip Dr. David Slip Honorary Fellow
Dr. Martin Cox Dr. Martin Cox Post-doctoral Researcher
Dr. Kerstin Bilgmann Dr. Kerstin Bilgmann
Associate Professor Luciana Moller Assoc. Prof. Luciana Moller
No profile image available Dr. Ian Jonsen VC Innovation Fellow E8A 375
Dr. Charles Littnan Dr. Charles Littnan
Dr. Charlie Huveneers Dr. Charlie Huveneers


Previous Members

Photo Name Position Email Location
Dr. Franciso Viddi Dr. Franciso Viddi
Dr. Andre Steckenreuter Dr. Andre Steckenreuter