SMATR: Standardised Major Axis Tests & Routines


Version 2 released Oct 2006

Version 2 includes improved routines for comparing groups with common slope plus routines for major axis and ordinary least squares line fitting.


What is SMATR?

SMATR is a freely-available program used for fitting bivariate lines to data and for making inferences about such lines. A line can be fitted using standardised major axis (SMA), major axis (MA) or ordinary least squares regression (OLS) techniques. The routines available in SMATR allow you to:

For background, details about the statistics, and validation of these techniques see

Warton, DI, IJ Wright, DS Falster, and M Westoby (2006) Bivariate line-fitting methods for allometry. Biological Reviews 81(2):259-291 [link]

last updated 13/11/2006