Conservation Genetics Research Group

The conservation genetics lab is comprised of people with interests in ecology, evolution and not surprisingly, conservation. We use a mixture of molecular and field-based approaches to answer questions that are basic or applied in nature.

While each of us can often be seen sporting white lab coats and waggling pipettes we also spend much time in environments which include deserts, mountains, tall forests, islands and the ocean.

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Current Members

Photo Name Position Email Location
 The grey headed flying fox provides essential ecosystem services, including pollination and seed dispersal Associate Professor Adam Stow Associate Professor
 Ms Siobhan Dennison Siobhan Dennison PhD Student E8A 264
 Paolo Momigliano Paolo Momigliano PhD Candidate
 Jonathon Davis Jonathon Davis PhD Candidate
 Holly Luland Holly Luland Masters Candidate
 Heather Baldwin Heather Baldwin PhD Student  E8A 320
 Elayna Truszewski Elayna Truszewski Masters Candidate
 Ben Ofori Ben Ofori PhD Candidate
 Diana Rojas Diana Rojas PhD Candidate
 Rafael de Fraga Rafael de Fraga PhD Candidate


Previous Members

Photo Name Position Email Location
 Dr Jessica Boomer Jessica Boomer PhD Candidate E8A 375
 No profile image available Shannon Smith PhD Research Candidate
Scientific Officer E8A 172
 No profile image available Paul Duckett PhD Student E8A 321
 No profile image available Dr. Stephen Hoggard PhD Candidate
 Stephen McAlpin Stephen McAlpin Masters Candidate
 No profile image available Maria Asmyhr PhD Candidate E7A 825
 Dr Heidi Ahonen Dr. Heidi Ahonen PhD Candidate